A very dicky person who will screw just about anything
Wow he just took my girlfriend he's a jospeh!!!
by McROck6667777 April 8, 2016
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Jospeh is a furry. Not the good kind. Like the bad, bad kind. Like the kind that’s into some freaky stuff. Like he wants to go to funky town with Roger Rabbit. He got a small peen, not to mention. His Hebrew Hamburger still be pretty good, though. He’s real smart but he’s always like “Did you just offend me?” Other than that he’s pretty cool. He was single handedly the cause of hurricane Katrina from all the orgasms he gave girls. He even made Obama himself get on his knees. If you ever meet a Jospeh, be wary because 1) he has nearly every STD from all the girls he hecced and 2) you won’t be able to walk after you meet. A Jewish surprise that can only be given by Jospeh himself. He’s an orgasmic figure straight from the Holocaust.
Daughter: Mom, I think I’m paralyzed.
Mom: Let me guess, you were with that Jospeh boy again?
Daughter: No, if I was with Jospeh, I wouldn’t have legs.
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you really Love jospeh joestar

Jospeh joestar is a character from jojo bizzare adventure

Hes a main protagonists in part 2 in jojo

Jojo bizarre adventure is a anime and manga
Me: Im a Joseph joestar lover no one can be down bad as me. ( im a Jospeh joestar lover and no one can be down bad as me.)
by Josephjoestarloveer May 15, 2022
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