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Beautiful woman with a big heart. Is fascinated with sharp objects. Comedian. Extremely smart and wise . Very strong in every way . Most likely to get away with murder .
by Lauren Lee December 21, 2016
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Josalyn is a beautiful girl with a kind heart. She’ll do anything for her friends and will love you forever
Damn, she must be a Josalyn
by Hlp_dancer January 22, 2018
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A Josalyn is the gayiest person you will ever meet. She covers up her gayness by saying she has a "boyfriend" named Cameron. She has the most beautiful sister with a perfect smile. A Josalyn thinks she's athletic and better than her sister at everything. In reality her sister is amazing and the most athletic person you'll ever meet. A Josalyn ATTEMPTS her makeup but never seems to succeed. Although a Josalyn is FAR from perfect. Almost as far as her eyebrows are apart. We are forced to love her. :)
Dang, I am so glad i'm not a Josalyn!

Ew, look it's Josalyn.
by Error.Loading.09635 May 10, 2018
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She's an amazing person but sometimes struggles with a tanning addiction. Her eyebrows are always on fleek and her shoes are fly!
That girl is such a Josalyn
by Fluela January 25, 2018
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