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(adjective) used to describe something with loads of gorgeousness
The most beautiful and flawless woman known to Dayton Ohio, or perhaps even mankind.
"Wow did you see that Bugatti Veyron?"
"why yes i did, it was totally jordanne"

"I saw the most jordanne picture yesterday"

"When I saw Jordanne i fell to my knees"
by zackattack1919 August 28, 2008
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The most gorgeous woman known to man kind all over the world. She's smart funny athletic and gorgeous but doesn't know it she is interested in many different things she's one of the most caring amazing person you will ever meet in your life time and if she accepts you as her friend consider yourself lucky. She knows her self worth and will not settle for any less.
Did you see jordanne omg!
by January 04, 2018
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1. The inability to take drugs and continue on a night out

2. To spiral deep into a K hole to the point of no return
Ahh yeah I got so messed up I pulled a jordanne last night

I pulled such a bad jordanne last night ffs
by langside October 05, 2018
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