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a group which, according to Howard Zinn and Cindy Sheehan, caused the Black Death, World War 1, the fall of the Roman Empire, and the Iraq War, has been behind every Republican administration ever, owns the large evil corporations, pollutes the world, and is responsible for the collapse of the World Worker's Soviet State.
Howard Zinn: Cindy, if you don't have sex with me, the jooos! will have won.
Cindy Sheehan: I'll get the soy sauce and mittens.
by Ed Zimmer November 18, 2007
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(noun) Slang for jews, especially when explaining why they are at fault or disliked by another group.
As the islamic extremists flew the airplane toward the skyscraper, they all yelled out, "Damn joooooooos!"

Leave it to the joooos to kill God's only son.
by Trogdor August 09, 2004
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