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a person who thinks hes all that but is realy a cock sucking basturd.
Danile B:I'm so cool because I had sex with a mexican!
Sara:Hee Hee.
Nathan: Your just a jokerd.

(Their realy is a jokerd named Danile B, and his friend Mike, and Albert)
by nathan d. May 26, 2004
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When you accidentally go down on a girl on her period, look up from between her legs and laugh like a maniac. Usually one or both parties develop some sort of mental condition.
Last night after dinner, Scott took me home and laid me on a bed of roses. He's such a swell guy. I was so swept off my feet that I forgot I was on my period. I looked down and immediately got joker'd. I screamed, he laughed hysterically. I think I need therapy.
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by WhoistheJMan? September 24, 2018
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