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Pronounced "Gee-mo" with an invisible "i". Word used to manifest high confidence, and/or extreme jubilation. To be used in the same function as "******* awesome!" as well as the more traditional "Eureka!" or "Geronimo!"
After simultaneously taking a huge satisfying dump, winning the lottery and watching his team win the championship, in a moment of irrestrainable jubilation, John yells: "jjjmmmmoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

After rallying his troops for battle, Genghis Kahn turned towards Europe, raised his sword and shouted: "jmmmmooooo!!!"

person #1: "Did you see that extremely happy guy on the roof at the party last night?!"
person #2: "Yeah, he lept off into the pool shouting: jmmo! with his arms in the air."
by monkeyes551 February 04, 2010
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