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Jlyn is a young beautiful woman, determined to be the very best, she's smart, talented, and she's a great people person. You may not notice but she's amazing at getting even, she has a small circle and will pop off in a second, but she's cool and chill. *Divalicious
"Yea Jlyn can get it!"
"Work it, Jlyn!!!"
by Michelle200013 December 12, 2013
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A dumb ass bitch who doesn't have a god damn clue that he is the gayest,dumbest,ugliest mother fucker alive
by dovahkinfromsovengarde May 11, 2018
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J-lyn is a loving person , very kind , smart , and adorable... she a loyal any man will be lucky to have her as a bf ... SHE A BAD BITCHHH
by His girl for life September 28, 2018
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