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1. A douchebag. A paid or part time firefighter/medic that likes to tell others of how important he is and that he can solve all of life's emergency needs.

2. Jippy Jake has all the training, fresh out of the academy, with maybe 3 to 5 years of diluted experience and wants to help... Only he hasn't the slightest fucking clue of what he's suppose to be doing.

3. Jippy Jake likes to belittle the public he is suppose to be serving and spends countless hours on social media and on his ass at the station, trash talking volunteers and paid on call firefighters and EMTs.

4. Jippy Jake will never talk shit in person. He is a coward and doesn't want to get his ass beat by the real Firefighters. He never actually even takes vitals on medical calls nor lifts a finger on fire calls, again, clueless coward.
E24C: "who is that sitting on his ass in the third due apparatus while everyone else is tending to injured and putting out the fire?"

Batt2: "That's Parnell, he's a Jippy Jake bitch pretending to be important, his own guys don't even want him on scene."
by Chits_gettin-real June 29, 2014
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