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The same as Adil, but with a jihad twist. Although he prefers to dress in a balaclava (terrorist hood) and strap c4 and grenades around his chest, he is also addicted to swag. (Flight shoes, hollister, and all that swag shit). To the untrained eye, he looks like any other swaggot, but to is friends he is a jihadil. In call of duty he's one of those annoying dicks that throws out c4 randomly and blows your soul to hell. Loves annoying jokes like "that's what she said" and calls himself swag master01, even though he is not swaggy at all and frequently "third wheel"s in his group of swaggots. Enjoys excessive gore and violence.

Also a new, up and coming twitter trend.
Guy 1: hey I saw another 9-11 conspiracy video

Guy 2: we'll we all know what really happened. #jihadil
by $wervy December 05, 2013
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