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A nigger who is also jewish this mix is often fatal due to the greediness of the jew and the ignorance, murderous, baby killing ways of the nigger. The term Jiggajew is used when the jewish nigger is spotted when the jiggajew heres you call him this he has two emotion' s. The jewish part will say let me rob that person but then the other half says let me kill that person over the truth and then kill his children and at trial be ignorant and say ''I did'nt do it.

Jiggajews can be spotted multiple ways and here is how. Niggers smell worse than jews so they have bad odor and skin is black. Jews have huge noses some bigger than pinnocio' s.
1.) Joe: dude look there is Jiggajew over there

Andy:how do you know that is a Jiggajew
Joe: He smelt like shit and his nose is huge dude that is a Jiggajew.
Andy: Damn Jiggajews when will they stop sniping innocent children

2.) "that fucking nigger had a huge nose his scent was almost indescribable if I had to compare it I would say he smelt like a sewage truck or porter potty full of diareah and poop"

"I agree but the correct term is a Jiggajew get it right derrrrrrr"
by HoeSlay March 19, 2013
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An African Jew; Jew of African descent
Although my dad is a jiggajew, he still ascribe us as niggers.
by AP PHD October 06, 2003
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