A woman who questions the authority of man-even when she knows damn well that the man is right.
This Jhumpa wants another black eye.

Ay, Jhumpa-get back in the kitchen and make me daal.

by Ali Turabi August 25, 2006
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Jhumpa is a girl who has the ability to catch someone's attention immediately she tends to be outlandish yet grounded in the world around her. Her jokes may not be funny to others but she doesn't mind and continues to make them. She's like a mom to most of her close friends and makes sure they are comfortable and ok she puts them in front of herself but when it comes to competitors she'll leave you in the dust. She may scare people away but according to her “That's how you get the weak links out of your way” Jhumpa’s are hard to come across if you do happen to meet one make sure to treasure her before she walks out on your life she doesn't have time for temporary people.
by Byunnie November 23, 2021
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