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Actually, Steve, there are plenty of Jewish rappers, take the Beastie Boys, Goretex Medinah, Etan Goldman as a prime example. And what about Ali-G (Sasha Baron Cohen)? It shows you don't know much about Jews or music. Jewish rappers are probably the most intouch with real issues, rather than boasting about how many "Ho's they could go" or how many bullets they put in the back of some guys head. You're obviously an anti-semite, and I feel sorry for you, for you are one of the most naive and ignorant creatures on the planet.
The Beastie Boys are the greatest rap group in history. And in case you weren't listening, they're Jewish.
by Some Jewish guy February 18, 2005
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alan krawitz, the best jewish rapper in the world. Thinks he's the best, acts like he's the best. But is still just a jew!
there is no exmple of a jewish rapper besides alan krawitz becauss they dont exist.
by steve February 15, 2005
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