An extremely horrible guilt trip best exicuted by Jewish people in which they make you feel guilty for wanting something they need. Not to be confused with catholic guilt
Hey dad can I have this chili in the fridge. Shure but I will die if you eat it because I haven't had food in days. Dad stop jewish guilting me.
by Christa April 14, 2015
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A Jewish Guilt Trip is the course of action taken upon a Jew when one feels they need to get there way. a Jewish guilt trip is more powerful then anything in this universe and can be very dangerous if not used correctly. Jewish mothers use this power quite a lot. These are performed best by Jews.
classic Jewish Guilt Trips

speaker 1-"hey are you going to eat the last bagel?"
Jew-"oh no go ahead take it"
speaker 1-"you sure?"
Jew-"positive, go right ahead enjoy"
speaker 1-"you sure?, cause it's ok, really, like i don't really want it"
Jew-"no it's fine, sure i haven't eaten in days and could probably die, but please, enjoy"
speaker 1-"oh no i can't, here have it"
"what i come all this way, and you offer me nothing to drink, nothing to nibble on, what kind of hospitality is this? I assure you if you had traveled the distance I have i would have a nice spread of snacks for you"
by Roni Goldburger February 24, 2009
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Also known as STJG, this occurs when Jewish guilt is transferred through a sexual act. Usually from the female partner to the male.
Doctor: "Matt, the results have come back positive. You have sexually transmitted Jewish guilt. Also known as STJG. Have you had relations with any Jewish mothers recently? "

Matt: "Damn you Robertaaaa!!!!"
by Mattybizzle September 29, 2013
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