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A Jewish Guilt Trip is the course of action taken upon a Jew when one feels they need to get there way. a Jewish guilt trip is more powerful then anything in this universe and can be very dangerous if not used correctly. Jewish mothers use this power quite a lot. These are performed best by Jews.
classic Jewish Guilt Trips

speaker 1-"hey are you going to eat the last bagel?"
Jew-"oh no go ahead take it"
speaker 1-"you sure?"
Jew-"positive, go right ahead enjoy"
speaker 1-"you sure?, cause it's ok, really, like i don't really want it"
Jew-"no it's fine, sure i haven't eaten in days and could probably die, but please, enjoy"
speaker 1-"oh no i can't, here have it"
"what i come all this way, and you offer me nothing to drink, nothing to nibble on, what kind of hospitality is this? I assure you if you had traveled the distance I have i would have a nice spread of snacks for you"
by Roni Goldburger February 24, 2009
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