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A Jewish discount.
A discount not even worth mentioning.
Of little to no discount.
Jewcount example - Lou trying to sell homemade cookies..

Lou: "In terms of price: normally, boxes will retail for $3.95 each + delivery (each box has 10 x 10gm cookies). HOWEVER, on the day of the contest, as well as having some samples for you guys to try, I will be doing a special of $3.80 per box."

Markos's reply: "I wish you hadn't given such a large discout Lou, with the 15c saving, queues are starting to form already.

Anybody queing up at PTC to secure cookies at a huge discount rate, please do so on the easement to avoid congestion out the front of the gym.

Camping facilities are available."
by GHOSTrun September 04, 2009
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