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You go out to a restaurant with free refills, pay the bill, and you're standing up to leave. But, after you stand up you realize that you left half a glass of soda on the table, so you pick it up and jew one last sip of soda before you leave. True jews sit back down and finish the entire soda before leaving.
"I let my date walk out in front of me as I took a last jew sip of coke."
by Herschel Feinstein November 10, 2007
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The guy who orders his meal to go, stands at the soft drink kiosk filling his drink then drinking it and filling it again and again to get as much drink as he can before he leaves the premises.
1. Sorry I was late, I had to wait for the jewsipper who was hogging up all the Coke at Mc Donald's.

2. It was so hot today I just stayed at 7-11 and jewsipped my small-slurpee

3. "Dude, don't order the extra large drink, just jewsip a small and save the quarter."
by chowpay July 06, 2009
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