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noun: A sole personality, an entity, emanating from a core of a bus as a projection. This entity suffers from literary nerd like tendencies with nigger like characteristics. Physical characteristics also include glasses, nigger skin, a stubby figure, and no real legs.A jevb does not walk, as this entity does not have legs. It can simulate walking to unsuspecting real people by being projected several times in a conceived direction.

Verb: to jevb, or to masturbate, jack off, have a wank, make some whiteout, etc...
noun: "Hey Tom! whoa you exist outside the bus?? Whoa, you're such a jevb"

"Hey, let's kick that guy's legs!...oh wait, he doesn't have any..stupid jevb person"

"Is that dude walking down the stairs??" "No he can't walk, his image is just projected at every subsequent step at small intervals..Man what a jevb"

verb: "Dude, stop jevbbing to the Fun Ranch, I know you think there should be adult entertainment in there, but it's a safe haven for children!"

"Jason, you jevb too much to your sister's friends"

"I know you like your redtube, but don't leave jevb stains on your laptop."
by evilcruelty31 November 07, 2009
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