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(Adv.) When concerning a persons immediate area of vocal dominance. Where one hits his/her metaphorical stride (quip-like, including clean and succinct delivery. As well as a correct, and necessary physical expression to coincide with the auditory event. Sustained delivery through the interjection of others is a notable sign of this event happening. It leads to a proper admiration of the person involved, just through the admission of well delivered lines, sayings, and/or clever remark(s).

This occurrence is independent of alcohol, or any other drug. This is the persons chosen state of being given their current condition.
"Preston was jesterling all night. His quips where perfect."

"No insult could stop Phyllis from jesterling all night."

"All of them were jesterling, just tearing down the ladies defenses."

"You see Norman over there with that brunette. He's been jesterling all night next to her. She definitely liking it.
by Gary S Ize January 04, 2012
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