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n. Also known as dionysian jerk pizza. A ritual pie, ordered and delivered from dominoes or pizza hut by low-IQ and young men who are collectively insecure about their sexuality and who are members of a 20th-21st century phenomena called "Fraternities" (otherwise known as "places of institutionalized date-rape"). These men are typically the sons of wealthy imperialists who made their fortunes off the backs of immigrant labor. The pie or pizza is used as an initiation tool by the older of the young men. The youngest initiates in the group are forced to stand around the pizza and stroke their penises until semen ejaculates from their ramrods and covers the pie. Then the last initiate to ejaculate is forced to eat the pie. Many a sociological study have pondered why the last to ejaculate is forced to eat the pie, since most in the fraternity caste system tend to frown upon "one minute miracles" when it comes to ejaculating in a female. How this behavior continues to be encouraged by fraternity men has baffled scientists and philosophers alike for the last two centuries.
"Make that freshman fuckhead eat the jerk pizza dude! Huh Huh Ha Ha!"
by FTD May 20, 2005
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