When someone mimes jerking off (male masturbation) in order to signify one of the following.

1. Boredom during a conversation.
2. Annoyance at what is being said by someone.
3. To symbolically show that what is going on is pointless, and/or masturbatory.

Often accompanied by rolling your eyes.

For Example:

1. Speaking on the phone with someone who doesn't know when to shut up, so you do the jerk off gesture.
2. Someone is saying something you think is stupid so you do the jerk off gesture to show what you think of them.
3. Someone is pontificating on a subject you find stupid or pointless, with a great air of pomposity and pretense, so you do the jerk off gesture to show what you think of how they are using their time.
Alternately you may also consider the topic important, but find the delivery of said speech to be extremely self indulgent. IE, someone more interested in propping them self up than dealing with the subject at hand.
"So I was listening to this professor talk about the battle of the bulge and I love war history, but the dude just kept on and on, like he wouldn't shut up. I was doing the jerk off gesture under the table half the lecture."
by Acidhedz_Dubs May 23, 2014
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When you mimic jerking off and ejaculating on someone because they are probably being an annoying cucklord and/or impatient.
jerk-off Gesture : *waiting for pedestrian to cross*
*Person honks behind without knowing the situation*
Passenger/Driver: Fuck off, you jerk-off! *mimics masturbation and ejaculation on person who honked*
by Metalikz May 12, 2021
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