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a big wooly mammoth like creature only found in jamaica and sings :

and its a very sexual creature that likes sex
hey look over there! its a big jenniesha!
by maoooc November 23, 2007
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A chill person who likes to dress different , very athletic , likes food , always has her friends back , gets confused sometimes , sometimes quiet , will turn up if wanted , smart , pretty (beautiful), loves basketball which is her life . Likes to take selfie's , doesn't care what anyone thinks , she doesn't mind the haters . Loves to listen to music , can be a badass , a kind a person that will make a silly mistake and your friends will laugh at you . Hard to start a conversation , will stand up for her friends , likes to get things for her friends , kind hearted , sweet , can be weird , ambitious , very funny , likes to dress , sometimes shy , blushes a lot , has big beautiful brown eyes . Can be scared sometimes , she just a different person from all her friends , very layback , likes to spend time with her friends , A family person , will come up to you and do or say weird things , a person that will make you laugh or smile . Sometimes don't get the things what people says .
Wow I Love Jenniesha - SHE'S FREAKING AWESOME !!!!!!

by Queenasf June 16, 2016
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