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A very beautiful girl with many talents. Very smart in school. Can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Her personality is one of the best and your lucky to find a Jemia. Tends to hang with friends a lot and loves food. She brings a smile to the people around her everyday. Very outgoing and willing to do the right thing if needed too. Always brings love to your heart. If you find Jemia you dont want to let her go.
Ex. I love the bracelet you gave me Jemia!
Ex. Wow, Jemia your good at that!
Ex. Jemia you always know how to make things better.
by Prettylittleliars143 April 02, 2014
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Pronounced “gem-i-ah”

She’s friendly to pretty much everyone, she’s a great friend to have by yourside, she likes to help people with their problems and likes to dedicate her time to worthwhile and meaningful things when she’s at work. She’s very patient, even tho it might seem she’s a hothead.she likes to laugh and always has hope and dreams of the future. She’s friendly, she’s helpful. When it comes to relationships, Jemia takes her time getting to know people, she loves getting to know people and learning from them. She’s very discerning though she seems oblivious to some. She loves to experience new things with the people she cares about but above all she loves spending time and creating memories with her loves. She loves to adventure, in particular she loves the beach and the sun 🏖 🏝
by Palmtree beach 🏖 May 04, 2019
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