1. a form of typing used by jejemons to communicate with one another.

2. one way of abusing your computer keyboard's caps lock and shift buttons.

3. one way of butchering the Filipino language by typing in unnecessary letters in Filipino words and typing them in a way that only jejemons or people who have studied jejetyping as a major (or a minor maybe) back in college to understand how these kind of peoples communicate in their own "special" language.
1.jejemon1: hI MiSs, caN I hVe Ur NmEnDNUMbeR, n0h?

jejemon2: N0H wy, U'rE sO jOlOGZ WItH D wy U TyPe


jejetyping the way jejemons like their sentences.

2. damn, with the way these jejemons type, they're gonna bust their keyboard's caps lock and shift keys! stupid jejetyping!

3. Aq ANg HipHop superstaR NG tondo bHeYBiE LoLz!

jejetyping for: ako ang hiphop superstar ng tondo baby!
by JEJEMONHATER12 April 19, 2010
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