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That super annoying friend everyone has, yet r still friends with
Jeeven is being really annoying!!!

Stop being such a Jeeven!
by All_the_good_names_were_gone February 02, 2014
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A brightly spirited person, with a lot of passion for life.

Wants to know the entire world and more.

She is impulsive and at times can be too enthusiastic about certain things.

She is very loving and takes care of those she loves.

A people person, and is always interested in learning something new.

She is stunningly beautiful with bright eyes, and her sex appeal will take your breathe away.

Jeeven's are sometimes hard to come by, but when you find one you must take your chance and never let them go.
-They have huge bright eyes which you could stare into forever and thick lush hair.

-They are loud and fun to be around. They make any day bright and exciting.

-They love to have fun, enjoying dancing, singing and being silly.

-They make your heart melt and your jaw drop with there pure beauty and bubble personality.

-Its near impossible to hate a Jeeven
Wow that girl is such a Jeeven
by IstillHaveNoidea June 11, 2018
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