Combination of Jesus and an eagle; creator and ruler of everything. Traditional renditions show him having a human lower body, wearing a robe and sandals, and a big-ass eagle head.
If you piss jeagle off, he will peck your eyeballs out with his beak. For eternity. Better play it safe and do what he says.
by jeaglefreak001 September 9, 2008
Cliffs that look like Half-Jet Half-Eagles, they are often sick and only dealt with through the use of just-in-case clawbreakers.
"Dude, is that a jet or an eagle"
-"Its a jeagle."
"yeah, a sick jeagle"
"I'm gonna need my claw-breakers. . . , by the way, that bald dude over there says sup?"
by Kozzy August 29, 2007