Derived from the word jaw

1. To trash talk
2. To talk aimlessly
1. Jack wouldn't stop jawin' on the basketball court. He was really getting into their heads.

2. This kid won't shut up. He just keeps jawin' away.
by J Monet January 11, 2010
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v. The act of speaking ill of ones opponent.

also: Talking trash, smack talking
Those Masshole Red Sox fans were Jack Jawin' about my Yanks until they got swept this weekend. Jaws ain't jackin' so much anymore.
by dbroooklyn August 12, 2009
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picking up chicks so as to set up a future opportunity to get ass, either in person via phone, text or through any other communication. A text message derivative of layin some pipe
sir, i was jawin some rise majorly tonight with every Biddie in the stands
by crusher505 February 19, 2008
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Not wearing a mask during Covid.
I never wore a mask at the grocery store. I was Raw Jawin’ it.
by TroubleTech March 12, 2022
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