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Tall ass mother fucker that can look over skyscrapers. Also likes to say "back up" "bet" and "no balls" . He is a dinosaur last of his kind and curls his hands in self defense.
Jarime is a jit.
by Magic h0tp0cket February 20, 2018
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He is the tall motherfucking dinosaur that loves to read hentai but calls it a form of art. He will say back up, bet, and will curl his arms in self defense against women. When cornered he will jump on a bench to defend himself. No one knows why. He has the appearance of a tree donkey dinosaur hybrid. He likes to snatch Pop tarts , drink mountain dew, and try hard on cod.
" Jarim, your queen is here"
by Alexthepopgamer March 01, 2018
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