1 a person who uses jargon in every-day conversation.

2 a person adept in the navigation of heavily jargon filled literature.
A jargonaut might say: she/he is the NCO @ the HPY in charge of DCH and MBS processing on a RTS basis in accordance with DCHMBSP.
by Divado January 10, 2008
One who seeks to invent new jargon.
"Penn is a Jargonaut as he made a word up just so he could get in the dictionary.
by Teller July 9, 2003
One who travels through the deepest depths of hell, in search of new jargon. Typically travels with other jargonauts, never leaves home without blank DVDs (in case "Mr. & Mrs. Smith could possibly be pirated off of someone they encounter on the way).
Has jargonaut lost his mind?
Can jargonaut see or is jargonaut blind?
Can jargonaut walk at all,
Or if jargonaut moves will he fall?
Is jargonaut alive or dead?
Has jargonaut thoughts within jargonaut's head?
We’ll just pass jargonaut there
Why should we even care?
by Carl Engelke December 28, 2005