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A name that sounds like jared and gerard, that is given to less than 1% of the entire world, that no one can spell right. The name is of arabic origin.

The dudes given this name are commonly born with bigger balls than jared, and a longer dick than gerard.
1: so what's your name?
2: jaraad
1: jared?
1: gerard?
2: for fucks sake
by therealjar February 23, 2010
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Always fucking wingin it. Jaraads usually don't try, they just get what they want. Not to be confused with dipshit ass Jareds or dick sucking Jarads. The name Jaraad is of Arabic origin, and our parents are usually the coolest.
Jaraad means someone who diffuses a problematic situation.

How do you spell your name?
J-A-R- double A -D
So it's pronounced Jeh-Red?
If you're fucking stupid, yes.
by JjTheDj08 May 15, 2018
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