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slippers (slippahs), zorris (zoris). "flaps" comes from the slapping sound slippers make when you walk with them. "jap" comes from japanese recognizing that many japanese people from Hawaii wear them. although linked to Hawaiians, the term used mostly in southern California.
Person 1: Anyone seen my jap flaps?
Person 2: Just use grab whoever else's fits. We go family style here.
by goopup January 30, 2006
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japflap /JAHP-flap/, noun
1. Spare change
2. Spare spare change
3. The Korean Language
4. A rude comment on one's oral or dental care
5. The door on a Japanese building
1-2. I gave the hobo some japflap.
3. He spoke Japflap.
4. The guy next to me gave him a japflap.
5. He sat next to a Japflap.
by Sodium Thallium E! September 28, 2007
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ahhh mate, I went down on Fukumi last last night and she had lovely jap flaps.
by Liam Ohung September 22, 2017
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