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In January film distributors have to release movies to keep making money, but don't put much time into them the way they do with December movies. The result is a january movie, films like Alone in the Dark, White Noise, Open Water, 27 Dresses, or Fool's Gold.

Note- A January Movie isn't nessasarily in January, it comes out around that time, usually January of February.
Bob: "Hey Nelly do you want to go see White Noise?"

Nelson: "Hell no, I will not see some stupid January Movie."
by h.nelly February 18, 2008
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Since oscar winners come out in december, the worst movies that follow in the next few months are january movies, movies that have no taste at all and just are released as filler before the good movies start coming out in may

White Noise
Alone in the Dark
Hide and Seek
Hannibal Rising
"I love the movie White Noise"
"Oh that's a stupid January movie"
by hnt November 18, 2007
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