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1. Nasty, a master in the ways of the extremely disgusting

2. A person who often burps (usually along with a rancid stench from the burp), listens to horrid country/gangsta rap loudly, and thinks he/she/it is hot shit

3. A name for someone with all the above qualities

fat ass dick nose jim-jim fugly swamp donkey broke down boston pancake cracka ass cracka
1. Those thunder thighs are janasty!

2. That thing is so janasty, burping all the time. Leave me alone, you cow!

3. I wish Janasty wouldn't touch me - who knows where her hands have been?
by ohnastay May 04, 2007
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to be the nastyest women who will do anything for drugs and money when she's not talking shit out of all ends of their body
That women is so janasty it's horrible.
by Elehcim December 05, 2016
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