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a pretty girl who's knows what she's capable of. Guys want her but she always refuses to except that. She honestly doesn't care if u don't like her , and if u talk about her expect to get dragged. you couldn't fuck with janai even if you wanted to . Janai's a freak on the down low, and will definitely surprise you. When it comes to dating she would drop ever hoe she has for you and be more loyal than you could ask for. Don't sleep on janai.
i need a girlfriend
get you a janai she's perfect
by swaggy6 August 23, 2017
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A name with Biblical origins meaning "God has answered," now most commonly (if sparingly) used for girls. Janais are characterized by their abilitly to provide insight and encouragement for their troubled friends, their irrational fear of Hepatitis and are often heard to declare that things are ruining lives.

Janai: "Ramses is ruining lives."
by missingmuse April 08, 2008
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the epitome of beauty; the quintessence of purity and sexiness, also is good at sexual intercross.
janai really has her life together.
by janai January 21, 2015
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Often a flake but easy to forget in sight of her flaws a soul stealer
"When is janai gonna be here?"

"she's not she said she cant make it."
by Bizzlefreakface November 29, 2011
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A weird and funny alien that lives particularly in Hawaii... most likely in Oahu, it walks around the beach picking up crabs then putting them back down.
wow, did you see that janai the other day?
by 808waianaeyni May 29, 2009
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A ugly dumb black girl who swears she's the shit a janai is often a hoe and a real bitch that has her own little minions
Guy 1:wtf is that I think it's a died rat

Guy 2: nah that's just janai
by vanessa swan January 22, 2017
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