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jamestown (NY)high school is a big piece of god damn shit. unfortunately i am a student there.
i hate school, especially since i have to go to the shittiest one on earth.
by MetallilbangeR April 05, 2005
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The BEST school in the entire world. It is located in williamsburg virginia and every kid is on weed. also they have super hot cheerleaders and a hot football team. They have a fun keyclub and the class of 2014 is so sexy.
person one: Man I love Jamestown High School
Person two: Yo did you see that cheerleader shake her ass?
person one: Yeah, I've banged her
person two: I didn't say which one
person one: doesn't matter, I've banged them all!
by GingerCheerLover2013 April 24, 2011
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A high school in western new york where every female is a hoe. You cannot trust any of them because they will play you. D



Jamestown High School has a lot of hoes. For example, JHS will automatically be a hoe.
by NotezPR October 01, 2018
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