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A Thick , sassy, friendly, cute, hot, gorgeous, confident but insecure, funny,outgoing, pretty nice, sexy young queeny thang walking past u, Once she enter a room all eyes are on her, she spins guys head.

Shes more of a romantic/emotional lover, loves cuddling, scared to get attach once falling for someone, dirty minded, lazy but ready for an adventure anyday, & loves nature.
Omg a "Jamesetta" just walked past me
I'd rather date "Jamesetta" then her
by Jamesetta February 13, 2018
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A queen. An intelligent, thick, weird, sexy, crazy, cute, easy going, bright girl. She's always smiling or goofing off with friends & family. She loves adventure, dancing, & listening to music. Really loyal, seem shy & quiet at first but won't shut up once you get to know her. Not the type to fight, but would knock a person out if provoke. She's Cold on the outside, but has a warm heart.
Lol Jamesetta is being herself again.
Grey got himself a Jamesetta.
by Jamesetta November 27, 2018
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