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Jameire has an agglomeration of mood swings, but once you get on her friendly level she can become a very loyal, caring friend. She loves to dance but basically loves music period (all genres). She absolutely LOVES to eat, but never can seem to gain a pound. Jameire is also a pretty funny person, and will have you dying laughing all the time. Her confidence level goes up and down but she doesn't know she's the most gorgeous person ever! She has very high maintenance & loves to keep herself lifted, as well as others. She can be very sheltered at times but is always there when you need her. And dont ever try her, she's a ticking time bomb ready to blow.
Who's that ? she's pretty quiet. Oh her, thats Jameire she's so fun to be around!
by Anonymousperson333 March 05, 2017
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