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1. A jam filled, sugar coated cooked edible item of dough.

2. When a girl is fellating a man, upon ejaculation, the penis is removed from the mouth and the semen covers her face. At this point she will probably close her eyes to avoid the sting, which is the sign to punch her square on the nose and take a photograph. For perfect JD'ing, wait a few seconds for the redness to appear.

The red blood represents the jam, and the semen is the doughnut and icing.
1. "That dude's so fat."
"Yeah, but he IS eating an entire bucket of jam doughnuts, he's my idol."
"He's basically a jam doughnut."

2. "Dude, I JD'd my girl the other night."
"Really?! That's awesome! What did she do?"
"Called the cops."
by Blenks May 24, 2006
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When a man releases his sexual juices in a circle round a woman's face. Then punches her in the nose so it bleeds and hence therefore looks like a jam doughnut.
Katy loved the jam doughnut, however did not enjoy the clean up process afterwards.
by Jiggaman April 14, 2005
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To 'Jam Doughnut' is to finger a girl while she is on her period and then sucking and licking their fingers afterwards.
Joe decided to Jam Doughnut Kirby, and licked his fingers in satisfaction afterwards.
by FatalJunkie February 12, 2011
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