A laugh popularized in the Warcraft III ROC Dota community by the former chief of clan BvA.
Jaja, he got owned pretty badly.
by twlZm April 11, 2006
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jaja is a rarely used word; it is only used by a select few. basically it is jamaican expletive slang for shit
holy jaja!!

i hafta go jaja really bad!
by Brian April 16, 2004
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The most cutest couple ever. They fuck often and care for eachother. JaJa do not act like they like eachother in public but do truly love eachother <3
JaJa are in puopy love , doggy style to
by Jojo jayjay January 19, 2014
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Means haha in Spanish.

"Jaja" = "Haha"

Spanish kid on a game: flalqns pokai espanol?

Other Spanish kid(or 2): akakakdn amsklpmyre akskfndniwka si iakansksk

Spanish kid 3: JAJAJAjajajJAJ$a$aJa

Actual gamers that aren't kids:

Actual gamer that's not a kid 2: WTF does jaja even mean? Annoying as fuc and they spam it obnoxiously.

Actual gamer that's not a kid 3: Non Americans speaking other languages in our country is obnoxious. Period.
by ‍ August 30, 2016
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a word used by true gangsters...most used in intense sports...like beach tennis :P ---->this is for you Geoff :)
yeeaahhh boy! jaja biatch!
by spaceykaseyyy April 20, 2011
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