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pronounced: jai·ree·nuh

Belongs to a rare breed of minions, with an insatiable love of bananas and pootatohhhs.

A Jairene puts the "laughter" in "manslaughter".

Known as a "bawse", a Jairene is typically a female, quick to anger and yell "I hate youuuu"!

With a rare talent of making up silly words (usually with sexual connotations) Jairenes are also commonly too attractive for their own good.
Person 1: Hey, how was your new day at work?
Person 2: Terrible, I have a really mean bozz...
Person 1: Oh, so you got a Jairene...

Person 1: I need a nickname, any ideas
Person 2: How about "walking orgasm"?
Person 1: (facepalm).. you just did a Jairene..
by (emo) December 04, 2012
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