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In Scotland, someone of unclean, possibly shifty, appearance. Tramps and alcoholics are commonly referred to as jaikies up here.

Can also be used as a term to describe an ugly woman.
When commenting on unclean people:

"Look at the state of that jaikie!"

"What a jaikie bastard"

When insulting a woman:
"You're jaikie as fuck! Scoot, ya fuckin ugly nugget afore ah slap ye wan"
by Scott T The Silver fox January 23, 2004
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noun. In Scotland, a person of low social and moral fibre, often sighted loitering in the alcoholic beverages aisle of a supermarket with a small swarm of security guards hovering close by, or yelling racial abuse at staff in Chinese takeaways at two in the morning.

Due to their addled, shifty nature and incoherent mode of speech, the only two known methods of differentiating between sober and inebriated jaikies are a) a measuring the diameter of the pupil and b) measuring strength of the piss smell emanating from the individual's filthy shell-suit bottoms.

The term jaikie derives from Frosty Jacks, an extremely cheap white-cider-cum-paintstripper sold in local off-licenses, and popular among less salubrious individuals as a more inexpensive alternative to the ubiquitous Buckfast.

Can also be used as an adjective.
Female jaikie: "Hey pal, I know ye're an ugly basturt but I'll give ye a hand job if you buy me a bag o' chips!"

Human being: "You're no oil painting yourself, you fucking jaikie bitch! I'd rather put my willy in the hand of Dr No than in your jaikie, fag-stained claws. Now, jog on."
by krakenslayer December 03, 2009
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