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Jaicee is a really amazing girl who has gorgoues eyes. She is really sweet but wouldn't mind slapping a guy if he really needed it. She catches every guys eye because she is just so gorgeous. If you don't know her she may be shy but to anyone close- they know the actual crazy lunatic that lurks inside. If you ever meet a Jaicee you may want to keep her. That crazy, smart, unique girl may come in handy some day:)
Guy 1: Wow did you see Jaicee walk by?

Guy 2: Yeah who didn't!? She is gorgeous!

Guy 1: I wish I had her.
by Ohh just a friend;) December 23, 2013
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I'm going through some difficulties and I need Jaicee in my life.
by Jaicee May 29, 2018
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