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Jahneil not only a handsome guy but those hazel green eyes can make slap your mother once. Typically the "jah" originates from Jamaican root so ladies if you want that foreign flavor go find you a Jahneil.
Guy: Jamal what's up fam
Girl: wtf it's Jahneil
by MR. andaconda December 21, 2016
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Jahneil is a unisex name , the "jah" is a Jamaican root ,so of u have a jahneil u better keep them close, jahneil (girl) and those brown eyes are to die for she is very sweet and funny but can actually have her attitude when she ready so don't cross her, jahneil (boy) is VERY HANDSOME AND YOU IS LUCKY IS HE UR BOYFRIEND BECAUSE HIS EYES AND HIS ACCENT ARE TO FUCKING DIE FOR !
Girl: hi I'm jahneil hru
Boy: fr my name is jahneil to
Girl: my parents are from Jamaica

Boy:I was born there
Girl:ayye littyy
by black tax August 21, 2017
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