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(Korean) honey, sweetie, love, darling.

Used between couples in a relationship to address each other. Normally used by younger couples (old generation does not use this phrase), and can be between unmarried or married couples.

It can be addressed to both men and women.

In Korea, the word literally means "Self" - so you are literally calling the other person as yourself. So that implies the other person is your self, your other half, your soulmate, you...
Jagiya, have a good night~!
Jagiya, call me~!
I love you, jagiya~!
by hh10017 September 13, 2010
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Jagiya mean sweetie, honey, etc.

The literal translation from korean is “Self”

It was confusing because I am from Canada and my boyfriend from korean called me “Jagiya”

After 10 minuites if him explaining I finally understood.

To be honest I think it’s sweet.
by Datingakorean July 30, 2018
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