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1) A seriously long drinking/partying adventure. Usually involving at least 10 cases of beer, and at least several bottles of booze. Antics include laughing uncontrollably, smoking enormous amounts of weed, mail-box smashing, drift-jumping (ie: taking a shit car and jumping huge snow drifts), and generally pissing the sober people off that you meet. Frequently, and unfortunately, involves the police in some manner or form unless you are smart enough to get away.
2) Title song from album by Scissorfight. The song pretty much means the above definition.
Ivo: Damn, dude, that was seriously the longest jag I've been on.
Bustano: Yeah, bro, when did we start this jaggernaut?
Ivo: Man, I don't really remember. I think about 4 or 5 days ago. Do you remember giving Roan that Dirty Sanchez?
Bustano: Dude, that was you...and by the way, that was fuckin' hilarious!
Ivo: Haha, yeah! Jaggernaut, don't you ever stop!?
Bustano: Dude, let's go get a drink at the bar and start over again.
by Ivo Man February 27, 2008
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