An otherworldly sense of euphoria upon watching the Jacksonville Jaguars destroy any team that dares to challenge them
Did you see what Trevor Lawrence did to the Chargers last weekend?? Had me jagging off all weekend!
by Tiltlord6977 January 18, 2023
A dance competition where the two competitors do their best impersonations of Mick Jagger, the frontman of The Rolling Stones.

For tips on how to Jag Off correctly, watch The Rolling Stone's live performances on YouTube.
I hear Anthony and Brandon are going to jag-off at the party this weekend!
by thundercalves June 25, 2010
A chronic masturbator. Used more in America while wanker is used more in Europe
See also: wanker
Get to bed, you jag-off.
by adam is so great November 8, 2003
When two people driving in front of you are going the same speed and the jag off in the fast lane won't move over.(in Pittsburgh)
I would of been on time but I got stuck in a jag off race.
by Tomaykoplumbing May 10, 2016