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Jaesa is a rebellious person. She will do anything for her friends and make them smile when they are sad. Jaesa is most likely the popular one in her school because of her humor. Some teachers might hate her because she always starts the trouble. She always sticks up for herself and her friends. She will date everyone even lesbians.She is probably the brave one in the group. Even though she is mean and rebellious she is actually nice to some of her close friends. Jaesa is the one you will never see cry. Lastly, she has a very very great sense of humor.

Since Jaesa is very popular all the boys in her school will ask her out just because of her popularity. She is a really great kisser. She is a hot girl who is REALLY funny and irresistable to all guys but she rarely likes someone. You either want to be here or be with her.
Guy: I wish Jaesa was my girlfriend!

Guy2: same T-T

Girl: I want her BUT SHE'S STRAIGHT

Girl2: Or is she?????
by iWrite stuff June 14, 2018
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