Jaeren is a super sweet kind hearted person. Who loves to play and joke around.He is good at sport especially football. He helps when people are in need . -LMS
See that boy Jaeren he’s such a goof ball everyone loves him
by LMS July 29, 2018
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Jaeren is a clown but the cutest clown. He’s usually y’all. Jaerens tend to have caring eyes. They tend to get distracted easily so you have to bring them back to the real world sometimes. They can be mean sometimes but only because you are annoying but they love everyone deep down. Jaeren’s also Have beautiful body’s that make all the girls want them.Jaeren’s are some of the most caring guys plus they know how to treat a girl just right. They always hold the door and give forehead kisses. Jaeren is also very good at sports. He is a shy person until he meets you and thinks he can really show him self to you.But once you know him you won’t know what life without him is
Omg is that Jaeren? Yes you can tell buy his AMAZING body ;)
by Tato:) September 27, 2019
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A boy who is trying hard to get good at running but never succeeded and is addicted to video games and doing pull ups or push ups. And oh also likes to watch anime but hates the fanservice. Also a guy who sucks at math and chinese.
Example 1
During PE lesson
PE teacher: alright class, today we will be learning how to do inclined pull ups. (Jaeren proceeds to do 17 full pull ups)

Example 2
During recess
Boy 1: You should watch this anime! Its got lots of hot girls and shit!
Jaeren: Nah, I hate fanservice.
by SomeRandomStraightRetard September 15, 2020
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