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Jaedian ! Defined as a very strong and independent woman. Jaedian’s are very mouthy and have an ATTITUDE! They are usually mistaken for being rude for nothing! But they are actually really cool and funny once you get to know them on their good side! Once on their bad side jaedian’s will dig up the tea and spill it on you. They have a tendency to be mean and disrespectful, along with holding grudges and being petty for the longest on that grudge. Jaedian’s are usually VERY beautiful.. with little body shapes until they reach high school! Once they hit high school they are FULL BLOWN FINE AF! They also have GOOOD curly hair! They are usually very understanding too, but when they don’t wanna be understanding you best believe that the devil has risen! They also are good listeners, if they don’t wanna listen they usually just walk away, pretend to listen, or just change the subject! Even though jaedian’s are very hard to handle if you find you a Jaedian cherish her and never let go of her!
Wooow that girl is so mean but she’s very pretty. She must be a Jaedian!♥️♥️
by Rockerboo July 08, 2018
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