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Jadenn's are powerful and kind women, they love knowing they are cared about and love being with their friends and family.
by PTV.BVB.SWS PRIDE August 21, 2017
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A very, very gorgeous courageous woman who cares for everyone though she doesn't really show it..,. Women who are named Jadenn tend to be very sexy. Jadenns are also very smart women but very independent.,,,, but don't get on there bad sides cause it won't be pretty because of there bipolarness.She is known to get many Guys & or Females depending on what she seems to prefer.,, she seems to just admire being herself and nobody else. so we heard she likes licking "lollipops".
Me;Jadenn is such a amazing women.
Amiga;I know she is and ,I can't get this girl out my mind I want her so badly.
by I'mTooBrazyForYou October 29, 2018
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