the true definition of a pimp very sweet hearted and if possible a jacquan can be a 1 woman man but it seems very unlikely the woman must be of his likeing and have many things in common a jacquan has a strong heart and a sound mind a jacquan is a very intellectual person and is extremely great in bed number 1 the best in bed what he does not show in bed he more than makes up for in love and kindness a jacquan is very loyal and willing to accomplish whatever goal he has set in front of him a jacquan will never give up on what he wants and will succeed in every way possible a jacquan is the ultimate definition of a good man very romantic very passionate always around girls to have a jacquan for yourself you must get in his head think how he thinks then uyou will realize how much he really can do how much love he is willing to offer to just 1 all someone needs to do to have a jacquan is be unique like him
did you hear about jacquan ..... he's very romantic

that person over there is unique ....he must be a jacquan
by jaqcuanlover March 23, 2010
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a jacquan is a very sexy,smart, goal achiever and very good in bed rank top 10 for in bed and love so hard he also have a heart for others to help them get back in there grind. if you come across a jacquan you should just pay him his respects for the things he does for people and how much he put in to it. if anything i want my name to be a jacquan.
jacquan is so romantic and very polite
by November 23, 2021
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